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Global PNT Innovation Center
Your Partner For Navigating a Complex Global Network

Founded in 1994, Beijing UniStrong Science & Technology Co., Ltd (UniStrong, 002383.SZ) is one of the pioneers in the positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) industries and a leader in the geospatial market. Based on its leading technical capabilities, professional products and global business layout of the spatio-temporal information industry, UniStrong has built up a global architecture of the whole industrial chain from core technologies, board components, terminal equipment, solutions to service platforms, covering the high-precision satellite navigation, spatio-temporal inter-connection, smart manufacturing, etc.

Since its establishment, UniStrong has witnessed, promoted, and led the development of China's satellite navigation industry, creating a precedent for GNSS intelligent applications in multiple industries. Relying on the power of independent innovation and the ability of continuous innovation, UniStrong actively explores domestic and overseas markets, accelerates the development of "GNSS +" industries, and applies GNSS to a wider world. From building a global industrial eco-system, to changing the forms of all walks of life, and to promoting the development of innovative technology, UniStrong follows the core values of "innovation, openness, win-win cooperation, credibility", and is committed to becoming a world-leading provider of high-precision professional products, solutions, and services in the global geospatial marketplace and making the world a better place through technology.

Core Values

Our Mission
Make the world smarter.
Our Vision
Being a Leading Provider of High-Precision Professional Products, Solutions, and Services in the Global Geospatial Marketplace.
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